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Can free website hosting be reliable and stable?


Certainly, we live in an era when every company must be visible on the Internet. As the old saying goes, if you are not in Google, you do not exist. Nowadays not only business owners but also individuals are looking for cheap and often even free hosting. But is there a reliable and stable free hosting?

Can free website hosting be reliable and stable?

One of the largest free webhosting platforms in Poland currently offers incredible possibilities! Completely free of charge you can get 3 GB for your website without any restrictions on the number and size of uploaded files. Of course, files alone are not everything. The service provides, also free of charge, MySQL databases, so that your website can have really advanced features.

Apart from the size of the account and access to databases, many people are not aware of many other, extremely important parameters that a good hosting account must meet. It is mainly about unlimited, monthly data transfer, access to phMyAdmin, possibility to connect your own domain or support many CMS.

Can a free platform meet so many requirements? It turns out so! The service allows you to easily install such popular CMS engines as WordPress, phbbb3, PrestaShop, Joomla! or many others that require really good technical parameters.

What about ads? After all, every free hosting must make a living from something - many would ask. Yes, certainly the ads are aired, but at the necessary minimum. Each user can remove them at any time. Each account also offers additional technical possibilities for a fee.

Using the platform is extremely intuitive. You log on to the account in the service, as well as to the server with one login and password. If you have a problem, support is available to you free of charge - also at weekends. We monitor our resources all the time to make sure that the servers run smoothly.

Check us out now and you will definitely bypass the paid servers with a wide arch :)

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